Bugsy's Gym

Many of you think Bugsy is a female. WRONG!!! Bugsy is a boy. He is the second gym leader you battle in Azalea Town who uses Bug-types. He has the following Pokemon:

Scyther Lv. 17

Metapod Lv. 15

Kakuna Lv. 15

He gives out the Hive Badge to anyone who defeats him.

When you battle him at the Fighting Dojo, here are the Pokemon he has:

Scizor Lv. 56

Shedinja Lv. 48

Vespiquen Lv. 52

Yanmega Lv. 52

Heracross Lv. 54

Pinsir Lv. 55

When I found out Bugsy was a male, I hit the roof.

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